Upper Rock Footpaths

For the Government of Gibraltar we are renovating the footpaths and ape feeding areas in the Upper Rock area to turn it into a tourist attraction with stunning views, historic monuments, re-opened caves and much more.

Works at Genoese Battery, Devil’s Gap Battery, Ape Feeding Areas and Inglés Way have been completed and currently we are working at Royal Anglian Way.

Works include:

  • Cutting back all plants, keeping in mind that there are a few protected species along the footpath;
  • Making safe the footpath, construction of steps and replacing balustrading and install new ones were needed;
  • Install new gravel to the footpaths making it more comfortable to walk on;
  • Re-open the Genoese battery and shelters and make it safe for the public;
  • Instate viewing platforms;
  • Install toilet facilities including the M&E works;
  • Realisation of 5 no. Ape Feeding areas with swimming pools.

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