£60 million inward investment with potential for new economic activity

The Government says it welcomes the establishment of a project to create a unique wine storage facility inside the Rock. The facility is expected to house over £60 million worth of investment wines in the first phase alone. 

The natural limestone of Gibraltar provides the perfect environment for investment grade wine to mature. Within the miles of tunnels created by Royal Engineers pre WW2, the state-of-the-art wine storage facility will offer every conceivable innovation and technology, including military grade security.

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Second phase of Northern Defences project is completed

The Government has announced the completion of the second phase of the Northern Defences project. 

This phase has consisted of the clearing up of the King's, Queen's and Prince's Lines. During the last twelve weeks sections of tunnels, steps, barracks, magazines and galleries have been cleared of debris and vegetation. This second phase was initiated by a team of Royal Engineers who very kindly agreed to start this part of the project.

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10 Years & Counting!

As 2014 draws to a close, it marks a major milestone for one particular local company, as Koala Construction celebrates its 10th anniversary. The story of the company’s success is a heartwarming one. It reinforces the belief that with passion, drive and good old-fashioned hard work you can triumph. Founding director Patrick Cabezutto started Koala Construction in 2004 and he smiles proudly as he says it was “pretty much a ‘man in a van’ operation” with just two tradesmen employed to assist him. Coming from a family with renowned business acumen and having the full support of both his parents, Peter Joseph and Clemence and his brother Peter (well known directors of established local companies), Patrick quickly realised that the scope for growth in Gibraltar was definitely there and that if he endeavoured to establish the company’s reputation for delivering sound, reliable work “on time and on budget” then grow they certainly would. Clemence, proved to be the backbone of the fledgling company and worked tirelessly to keep the financial side of operations on track and running smoothly.

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