Devil’s Gap.

Refurbishment of Footpath

Project Description

For the Government of Gibraltar we renovated the existing footpath known as Devil’s Gap Footpath, which connects Upper Town and Upper Rock.

The path was fully overgrown in the past years and it was not a safe environment. In a short time-frame we managed in close liaison with the Government of Gibraltar to turn the footpath to a nice tourist attraction.

Works included:

  • Cutting back all plants, keeping in mind that there are a few protected species along the footpath
  • Making safe the footpath, constructing steps where needed
  • Repair existing steps
  • Construct signs, bins, benches and a picnic table to make the footpath more attractive for the general public
  • Install gabions to realise a viewing platform and to support the stair towards Upper Rock


Project Details

Client Government of Gibraltar
Date 12 January 2012 - 18 February 2012
Services General Building Contractors, Major Works
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